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"A horror novel in which a faceless laboratory creature claims humanity as slaves or victims.

  - Editorial review - Kirkus Reviews King's fifth novel returns, 12 years after its first publication, with 230 of its original pages restored. There is also some new writing in the present 1,153 pages of what is now King's longest creation--all has been updated ten years to include references to AIDS, Roger Rabbit, and more recent happenings. But the plot is almost utterly the same, only with more incidents and details deepening the characters. Essentially, if you've read the novel in its shorter form, you've read the novel and don't need to read the new version--unless you're a King fanatic, of course. But what do the new pages do? They give a creamy expansiveness to the flow--but then also delay the book's getting into its big stride: the heat between the story's rival forces doesn't begin until about page 700. And, strangely enough, the long version is a faster, smoother read, less difficult to take in than the short version. Sadly, though, the story's most powerful pages--a very long description of N.Y.C. emptied of human life by a super-flu plague, and a trek through the darkness of a Lincoln Tunnel crammed with dead vehicles and dead people--comes around page 400 and is such a strong, intense passage that nothing that follows equals it. What one gets is King's proletariat cast enacting a story that takes itself seriously, but seems to spring from an imagination fed on comic books, Edgar Rice Burroughs, and Bruce Springsteen. Tired of waiting for your book to ship so you can read it. Well here at E-BOOK outlet we can have your purchased book instantly downloaded to your computer.



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"The terror, which would not end for another twenty-eight years- -if it ever did end- -began, so far as I can tell, with a boat made from a sheet of newspaper floating down a gutter swollen with rain."

This is the first line of "It," the beginning to one of Stephen King s masterpieces, and probably the most incredible story I' ve ever read. Those who complain about it s length... they need patience. Those who complain about its characters... they need to look around at themselves and others. Those who complain about it being vulgar, vile, or horrific... that s part of the story, and not to embrace it means you miss out on something extraordinary. 






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